Hawaii Chapter, ARS
Web site of the Hawaii Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society
Rhododendron Species Foundation
Located in Washington State, the RSF is one of the world's major repositories for the species of the Rhododendron genus.
American Rhododendron Society
Numerous chapters thoughout the US and Canada.
Hilo Zoo's Botanical Garden has a Vireya section
Description of the Vireya at Hilo Zoo
Australian Rhododendron Society
Australian Rhododendron Society - Tasmanian Branch
Kaye Hagen, of Tasmania and the ARS president, was a wonderful speaker at our 2006 Vireya Convention in Hilo.
Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust
Hawai'ian Native Plants
The University of Hawai'i's (Hilo) extensive collection of photographs of native species, maintained by Professor Gerald Carr.
Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk (HEAR) Project
Around 95% of Hawai'i's plants are unique to the islands. HEAR is a project of USGS to investigate and understand these plants in their native ecology and the threats that invasive species present.