Vireya Species Catalog
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While we are actively growing Vireya species, unfortunately, many need further multiplication before public availability is possible. However, we typically grow them in small quantities and the varieties on this page represent some availablity. However, numbers can change daily (we are planting many more out in the display garden!) so please email us for any in which you have interest.

R. blackii R. blackii 
Distinct circular leaves, nearly sessile (without a leaf stem) leaves tightly attached to the plant stem. Red tubular flowers 5-9 to a truss.
R. bryophyllum R. bryophyllum 
Noted for the dense brown scales covering most of the leaves which are arranged in tight pseudowhorls, making this an outstanding foliage plant. The small pink flowers just add to its charm. A relatively upright and narrow growth habit makes it easy to tuck it in a corner. Needs very good drainage.
R. christianae R. christianae 
Named after the mother of Rev. Norman Cruttwell, a pioneer amateur horticulturist in New Guinea, this species is a parent of many hybrids, particularly the red-yellow bicolors. Of many forms and colors, ours has 1.5 in (3.5cm) bicolor flowers, strong orange on the lobes and a fresh yellow toward the center. On a shrub to 10 feet (3m).
R. goodenoughiR. goodenoughi 
Extraordinary long tubular white flowers flaring to a .5 in (6mm) face. To 6 feet (2 m). As a sometimes epiphyte, good drainage is a must. Scented.
R. jasminiflorum ssp jasminiflorumR. jasminiflorum ssp jasminiflorum 
Now synonymous with var punctatum. Long trumpet shaped white flowers held in a horizontal truss and sweetly scented per its name. They are displayed on a shrub to 8 feet (2.5m).
R. javanicum OrangeR. javanicum Orange 
Growing to a small tree to 16 feet it has the distinctive ball shaped truss of javanicum with a pumpkin orange color with a pinkish throat. Profuse flowering, a full habit and an easy grower, a good choice for a garden speciman. From Java as its name implies but also found in Sumatra and Bali. Received this as RSF 1978/089.
R. javanicum ValderR. javanicum Valder 
Adds a red tinge to the orange form. Received as RSF 1994/376.
R. javanicum YellowR. javanicum Yellow 
A clear yellow form which reputedly grows more compactly than the type to under 6 feet (2m).
R. konori Jake's FormR. konori hybrid 
An unknown parent produced an hybrid of medium-sized strong pink flowers with R. konori's typical dense, suede-like scales in a tan color covering the new leaves at a very young age.
R. konori PinkieR. konori Pinkie 
Striking flowers, 12 to the truss. Deep pink in most of the corolla lobe fading to a bit of white and finishing with a yellow throat. Very fragrant.
R. kochiiR. kochii 
Notable for its brown, scaly leaves. Very floriferous with up to 20 pure white flowers per truss. The flowers are tubular shaped with an inwardly slightly funnel-shaped 1.5 in (4cm) face. On a shrub to 10 feet (3m). Sweetly scented. Az6
R. laetum Strybings BestR. laetum Strybings Best 
One of the clearest yellows in vireyas with a generous 2.5 in (6cm) flowers, 3 or 4 in a truss.
R. leucogigas PinkR. leucogigas Pink 
Large cream-white flowers subtly dotted in the the throat with red. Very fragrant, parent of many hybrids.
R. lyiR. lyi 
Intensely fragrant, heavily ruffled white flower. Maddeni section, hardy to 15 degrees F. RC
R. orbiculatumR. orbiculatum 
Distinctly rounded leaves on a rather open growing plant. Delicate pink scented flowers, surprisingly large, in trusses of 5 to 6.
R. polyanthemumR. polyanthemum 
Beautiful foliage in an upright, open plant. The species name means "many flowers" and we see trusses of 15 or more in an intense orange that is close to red. RSF 1994/333.
R. radiansR. radians 
Striking white flowers with a long, narrow tube in a truss of 6 or more. Small elliptical leaves with fascinating light red new growth. It will grow to about 6 feet in 5 years.
R. stenophyllumR. stenophyllum 
Almost certainly ssp. stenophyllum. Very narrow (2 mm) and long (35 mm) leaves on a small plant.
R. wrightianumR. wrightianum 
A bushy species that becomes covered with scarlet red bells.
R. x planecostatum R. x planecostatum Natural hybrid of R. bagobonum x R. crassifolium
Charming orange-red bells with unique narrow, flat and shiny leaves. Somewhat lax habit for us.
R. zoelleri V30R. zoelleri V30 
Strikingly large classic zoelleri bicolor.
R. zoelleriR. zoelleri 
Wide band of intense orange-red with a yellow, star-shaped throat. RSF 1981/026
R. zoelleri DecimusR. zoelleri Decimus 
Strong shrub. Trusses are large, with large orange flowers with a bright gold throat. The gold throat forms a nearly perfect star in the center of each flower, somewhat larger than the RSF variety. Truly spectacular!