Vireya Catalog T-Z
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TashbaanTashbaan (Sir George Holford x R. leucogigas) X R. aurigeranum
Medium height, upright but bushy habit. New growth is bright green. Strong butterscotch-colored flowers with a slight red hue on the outside of the trumpet shaped tube. Spectacular trusses of 10 to 12 large flowers. Definitely seems to do better in shade. <--Hybridizer Peter Sullivan, grown on by W. Moynier.-->
Taylori  Taylori R. brookeanum var. gracile X Pricess Alexandra
Compact, rounded growth habit with shiny leaves with red veins and stems. Truss is domed with bright pink flowers. A reliable and generous bloomer, grown since the 19th century. Hybridizer Veitch Nursery (UK) prior to 1877. Proven Performer and 2010 Vireya of the Year
Teddy's BestTeddy's Best R. laetum X Gardenia Odyssey
Rich, vivid yellow in a very full truss. Rather upright as most laetum hybids, but branches well. Inside lobes will redden up a bit in more sun. Hybridizer G. Snell, grown on and registered by B. Clancy
Terebinthia Terebinthia Dr. H. Sleumer X Pink Delight
Tall, well-branched growth habit with dark green, red-veined leaves. New growth has an interesting fuzzy orange-brown coating. Large, very dark pink flowers. Scented.
Thai PrinceThai Prince R. zoelleri X Simbu Sunset
For us the largest of the typical bicolored zoelleri hybrids, slightly bigger than V30. Appears to be an open growing habit similar to its parent Simbu Sunset.
The TrophyThe Star R. christianae X R. leucogigas
Large flowers, large leaves and will become a large plant. Strong pink halo shading sharply to form a star shape in pale pink with yellow deep in the throat.
The TrophyThe Trophy R. christianae X R. leucogigas
Large flowers, large leaves and will become a large plant. Strong pink halo shading sharply to a pale pink with a yellow throat.
Thirtieth of JuneThirtieth of June R. leucogigas X (R. konori x R. laetum)
Large, ruffled creamy yellow and fragrant flowers. Small red dots in the throat.
TitaniaTitania (Haloed Gold x R. herzogii) X Leonore Frances
Mostly cherry red flower lobes sometimes suffused with white surrounding a very small pale yellow center. The red contrasts with the white to pale yellow exterior of the flower exterior. Foliage is smaller and very nice with brown scales and a textured surface. Growth to possibly 4 ft (1.2m). New growth is nicely covered with brown scales. Note the difference in color intensity between the greenhouse and outside exposure.
Toyama Hilo TanToyama Hilo Tan Unknown
The softest peach color in a medium shrub. Not a registered name but a local selection from Lyons Arboretum originally called L272. Also known as Kona Peach.
TriumphansTriumphans Princess Royal X R. javanicum
Crimson flowers in a good-sized truss. Responds well to pinching with good branching. Another old Veitch hybrid that received the RHS First Class Certificate award in 1883.
Tropic Alpine Ruby Tropic Alpine Ruby R. wrightianum v. cyclopense X R. commonae
Tubular, pendent, deep red flowers on a smaller plant. One of Jim Gerdemann’s cold hardiness crosses, reputedly hardy to 25 deg. F.
Tropic Glow Tropic Glow R. laetum x R. zoelleri
Not just another orange-yellow bicolor, but distinctly larger flowers and trusses with a dramatic combination of shades. True hybrid vigor with many buds. Relatively upright and narrow habit. Proven Performer
Tropic Tango Tropic Tango Princess Alexandra X R. laetum
Tall, bushy habit with trusses composed of 6 to 8 funnel-shaped flowers. Tubes are strong salmon orange and lobes slightly redder. Nearly always in bloom.
Veronica MaureenVeronica Maureen (R. christianae x R. viriosum) X R. zoelleri
A very eye-catching addition to the pink-white varieties. A cherry red halo blends into white with a light yellow deep in the throat. The white outside of the flower and the black-tipped stamens complete the contrasts.
Veryl AnnVeryl Ann R. laetum X H018
Sturdy shrub with an upright growth habit. Trusses are composed of large open flowers of strong red-orange with deep gold centers. Hybridized by Mitch Mitchell, it was also known by the designation of M6 before registration.
Vladimir Bukovsky Vladimir Bukovsky R. laetum X Souvenir de J. H. Mangles
Broad, bushy shrub with excellent shape. Trusses can cover the plant and are composed of 7-12 bright orange tubular shaped flowers. To three feet in four years, somewhat wider.
Wattlebird Wattlebird R.laetum X R. aurigeranum
An upright, open plant with rich yellow-orange solid color. Hybridized by J.L. Rouse, honoring the Australian native bird.
Wild Child Wild Child Fireplum x Simbu Sunset
One of the most intense cherry-red flowers one could hope for surrounding a sharply delimited star-shaped pale cream-green throat, punctuated by dark anthers, with the exterior of the flower an even lighter green. From the prolific hybridizers, the Sapersteins of Australia.
Will Silent Will Orange Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
A rich orange with coral shading in a tight ball truss. This variety is the slightly more orange sibling of Will Silent.
Will Silent Will Silent Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
Double flowers in an intense red-orange. Creates a large ball truss with up to 19 flowers per truss. Often has several flower buds per leaf whorl.
Yellow Bunny Yellow Bunny Golden Prolific X R. commonae
A light yellow flower, small leaves and a narrow growth habit characterize this hybrid from Os Blumhardt. Fits the bill for those asking for a "small yellow."
Zircon Zircon R. laetum x R. Gardenia Odyssey
Large ruffled flowers with a light orange halo (in sun) merging into a strong yellow throat. Upright, open habit.