Vireya Catalog S
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Saint AgathaSaint Agatha (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x Pink Delight) X Nancy Miller Adler
Compact truss of medium-sized pinwheel flowers, the R. konori influence from Dr. Sleumer, with ruffled edges of pink with a somewhat star shaped center of pink blushed white.
Saint CeceliaSaint Cecelia R.konori var.phaeopeplum x R.leucogigas
Big, white flowers, 4-5 to a truss, with small pink markings in the bottom of the throat. Shows clearly its R. leucogigas parentage and will be a large plant. Heady fragrance.
Saint GertrudeSaint Gertrude (R. laetum x R. leucogigas) X R. konori
Creamy white flowers blushed with pink contrasting with yellow on the outside of the tube. Very fragrant.
Saint ValentineSaint Valentine R. viriosum X R. gracilentum
Low growing, dense plant with smaller leaves and scarlet red bells.
San MiguelSan Miguel (R. aurigeranum x Dr. Hermann Sleumer) X R. leucogigas
Incredibly warm rose red halo with a small but rich yellow throat on a large flower. Recently planted out, will likely be a large plant.
Sandy MitchellSandy Mitchell (R. zoelleri x R. leucogigas) X R. christi
Narrow, upright plant of a strong bicolor of a rich orange-red with a smaller yellow throat and yellow on the outside of the tube. Each flower has an enchanting curve downward, as enchanting as its namesake. Hybridized by Mitch Mitchell of Volcano, Hawaii.
Satan's Gift X Flamenco Dancer Satan's Gift X Flamenco Dancer 
Opening to pale orange and yellow colors the flowers of this unnamed and well known hybrid deepen to a lobe-filling red-orange with a strong yellow throat. 2.5 inch flowers, 7-8 in a truss.
Saxon BlushSaxon Blush Hot Tropic X R. saxifragoides
Very similar to Saxon Glow with a strong pink halo surrounding a pale pinkish-white center with pink outside the flower.
Saxon GlowSaxon Glow Hot Tropic X R. saxifragoides
An amazing hybrid of a large, upright, selfed zoelleri-style bicolor with a small, alpine vireya resembling the stonecrop perennial and possessing a small flower of moderate redness. It is a small, dense shrub with rich red, uprightly held trusses. Hybridized by Os Blumhardt of New Zealand.
Scarlet HaloScarlet Halo R. aurigeranum X (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x R. leucogigas)
Striking scarlet red halo broadly surrounds a nearly white throat shaped in a neat star. Will be a large plant.
Schick #1 Schick #1 R. laetum X R. zoelleri
Another good selection of the red-orange to gold throat bicolor of R. zoelleri heritage. The aging flower shows the deepening color of its R. laetum parent. Also known as V82. Hybridized by Peter Schick of Fort Bragg, California.
Semper FidelisSemper Fidelis (R. laetum x R. leucogigas) X R. konori
Maybe the best of R. leucogigas and R. konori, varieties known for the size of their flowers and fragrance. Flat-crowned truss, open funnel-campanulate flowers with a long, narrow tube, wavy-edged and crenulate lobes, white, with the inner tube light yellow. Strongly fragrant, place where you can appreciate it. Will be a large plant. Limited stock.
Shantung PinkShantung Pink ((R. konori var. phaeopeplum x R. viriosum) X R. leucogigas) x R. laetum
Large, strong pink flower with a yellow throat. Fragrant. Will be a large plant.
Shantung RoseShantung Rose ((R. konori var. phaeopeplum x R. viriosum) X R. leucogigas) x R. laetum
Large, deep rose-pink flower with a yellow throat. Fragrant. Will be a large plant and benefits from vigorous pinching.
ShayaShaya R. viriosum X unknown
Richly red flowers on a lower growing plant.
Shepherd's PieShepherd's Pie R. Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
One of a group of siblings that range from pumpkin orange to red orange, all in luminous hues. This one is bright pumpkin orange in a domed truss of 6-8 flowers, large, bright green leaves.
Shepherd's SunsetShepherd's Sunset R. Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
This one is, for us, the most red of the oranges in this series.
Shepherd's WarningShepherd's Warning R. Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
More in the red-orange range, also in a domed truss of 6-8 flowers and large, bright green leaves. Glows.
Show StopperShow Stopper Unknown
Tall shrub with dark, shiny leaves edged in red. Stems are red as well. Trusses are composed of medium bright red flowers. Blooms several times a year and can take a good amount of sun. Pinch and prune for best shape. Very eye-catching!
Silver Thimbles Silver Thimbles Orania x R. anagalliflorum
Numerous small white bell flowers suffused with a pink flush. Small, glossy green leaves and a lax habit make a wonderful basket subject or even a bonsai. Can be trained as a standard.
Simbu Sunset Simbu Sunset R.laetum x R.zoelleri
Red-orange shading to brilliant orange-yellow in the throat, a big and bold bicolor and a big flower. The flowers are 2.5 in (6 cm) with 4-6 to the truss. Grows in a blocky shape, about as wide as tall, about four feet in four years. Probably as dramatic a flower as you will find in vireyas. A good grower and nearly constant bloomer in the landscape.
Sirunki Lake Sirunki Lake R. macgregoriae x R. dielsianum?
Medium shrub with good branching growth habit. Leaves are somewhat narrow with a fine point, glossy green. Truss is lax with 3-8 bright, salmon pink flowers, the most "salmon" of the pinks. Possibly a natural hybrid. Collected and registered by Lucie Sorenson-Smith.
Shepherd's WarningSouvenir de J.H. Mangles Crown Princess of Germany X R. javanicum
Chrome orange lobes in the official description, a rich red in our garden. Old Veitch hybrid, receiving a First Class Certificate in 1888.
Star Posy Star Posy R. jasminoflorum X unknownTaller, open habit shrub. Generous bloomer with trusses of 10 or more trumpets. Flowers are pink inside and out, with contrasting hot pink stamens. Blooms frequently. Easy to grow, it's an ARS Proven performer.
Strawberry ParfaitStrawberry Parfait R. konori var. phaeopeplum X R. zoelleri
Very new to us. An intense cherry red halo shading to pale green-white, then deepening to yellow-green further inside and yellow-green on the outside. Probably a medium to large shrub.
Summer GlowSummer Glow Gardenia Odyssey X Clare Rouse
Glowing medium orange with a yellow throat. An upright but full, well-branched form.
Sunny X R. rubineiflorumSunny X R. rubineiflorum Sunny X R. rubineiflorum
Small but floriforous, almost constantly in bloom for us. Rich orange flowers held high on a densely bushy plant. Probably growth to 1.5 ft (.5m) or less. One of our Windowsill Vireyas™
Sunny's Brother Sunny's Brother R.christianae X R.macgregoriae
Upright and narrow growing habit. Forthright smaller red-orange lobed flowers with a yellow center and distinctive dark stamens, red stems and glossy leaves. Upright growth to at least 6 ft. (2m).
Sunset Gold 50Sunset Gold 50 R. aurigeranum X unknown
Absolutely luminous in the landscape, catches the eye from a long distance. Just describing it as "medium orange with a yellow throat" does not do it justice. Reputed to have up to fifty flowers in a truss. We have only counted into the thirties, but the image on certainly suggests 50!
Sunset Fantasy Sunset Fantasy (R. laetum x R. zoelleri Golden Gate) X (R. zoelleri x R. leucogigas)
Large flowers that must be in the competition for the most intense red of the red-orange range. The strong yellow exterior of the flower tube adds to the effect. Barely a bicolor with a very small paler yellow center.
Superfleur Superfleur R. leucogigas X R. zoelleri
Strong pink halo shading to a clear pink in large, open flower. Foliage reminiscent of Harry Wu and flowers of Aleksandr. A strong, larger-leaved and larger-growing plant and somewhat fragrant.
Sweet Jane Sweet Jane (Dr. Sleumer x R. herzogii) X Cruttwell #1410
White flowers in a perfectly domed truss of 14-16 flowers on a short, more densely bushy plant. Excellent container speciman. Fragrant.
Sweet Vanilla Sweet Vanilla (R. leucogigas x R. viriosum) X Silken Shimmer
Big leucogigas flowers with a pale pink blush along the edges of the petals. Very fragrant. Will become a large plant.
Sweet Wendy Sweet Wendy R.laetum x R.konori var.phaeopeplum
Vivid yellow in the tube shading to a clear pink in the lobes. A pretty plant with larger sized flowers. Fragrant.
Sybil Sybil R. javanicum X unknown
Compact and bushy growth habit. Domed trusses are composed of medium bright pink flowers. Excellent repeat bloomer. Another old Veitch hybrid from the late 19th century.