Vireya Catalog R
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Red AdairRed Adair R.Salmon Sensation x R. javanicum
Appropiately named, Red Adair catches fire as one of the reddest reds among vireyas. Somewhat double-flowered.
Red PrinceRed Prince R. javanicum hybrid?
An excellent bushy growth habit with glossy leaves. The trusses are composed of with 13-14 very deep pink flowers per truss.
Red Rover Red Rover R. viriosum x R. javanicum
Scarlet red flower. Growing slowly for us outside, but appears to be well branched and bushy at an early age.
Red Sox Red Sox Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
Intense, deep, pure red with bright glossy leaves. Mounding growth habit. Not a rapid grower, but sure attracts attention when it's in bloom.
Richard Marques Richard Marques (R. zoelleri x R. leucogigas) X R. laetum
A fascinating, excellent plant. A pink-haloed white and fragrant flower. Foliage is a dark, purple-black color even in the greenhouse, but darker in the sun. Grows in an upright fashion similar to Harry Wu.
Ring of Fire Ring of Fire Cherry Liqueur X Narnia
Intense, intense red corolla with a dense yellow throat and orange fading to yellow on the outside. Very eyecatching. Recently planted out, it seems to have an upright growth habit similar to Belisar.
Rob's FavoriteRob's Favorite R. viriosum X R. macgregoriae
A distinctive shade of vermilion red, 10-12 flowers per truss with broadly elliptical leaves. A lower, spreading habit seems to be developing.
Rocky's Mom Rocky's Mom (Felinda X (R. aurigeranum x Dr. Hermann Sleumer)) X R. javanicum
Nine or more deep orange flowers in big, rounded trusses. Sturdy, rounded shrub, mostly self-branching largely due to profuse flowering.
Rosie Posie Rosie Posie Simbu Sunset X Simbu Sunset
Luscious and unique medium red-orange color break, slightly flushed with yellow toward the throat. Our young plant in the garden is still small, but appears well branched.