Vireya Catalog N-Q
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Nancy Miller Adler Nancy Miller Adler Pink Delight X R. jasminiflorum
Low growing and spreading with a small white flower.
Narnia Narnia R.aurigeranum x R.zoelleri
One of the earlier (1968) orange/yellow bicolor hybrids based on R. zoelleri, but still cherished in the vireya community. Exceptionally large flowers broadly banded in a moderate orange with a yellow throat. Proven Performer
Ne Plus Ultra Ne Plus Ultra R. javanicum X R. Duchess of Edinburgh
Classic vireya first released by Veitch in 1892. Intense crimson scarlet on a well branched shrub. The narrow green leaves contrast with the dark red flower buds.
Orange FlambeOrange Flambe Unknown
A strong orange with seven to nine medium size flowers in the truss.
Orangemaid Orangemaid R. laetum x R. macgregoriae
Many 1 in (2.5 cm) orange flowers with a smaller yellow center. Flower is similar in appearance to Sunny's Brother but a milder orange.
Our MarciaOur Marcia (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x R. herzogii) X (R. laetum x R. aurigeranum)
Flower are a long, tubular funnel-shaped, pale yellow in the center, blending into strong red, fading to deep purplish pink with the outside a pale greenish-yellow. An excellent addition to the pink-white group.
Pacific ShowerPacific Shower (R. viriosum x R. macgregoriae) X R. christianae
A large truss, tubular funnel-shaped flowers, outside a vivid yellow at the base moving to a reddish orange, with the inside petals a vivid reddish-orange blending to a strong orange in the throat. Strong growing, upright plant.
Painted LadyPainted Lady Unknown
Cherry red halo blending into near white ending with strong yellow throat and moderate yellow exterior. A beautiful flower.
PandashayPandashay Simbu Sunset X Unknown
Very bright red-orange/yellow bi-color with an upright growth habit. Sturdy grower.
Pearly WhitePearly White (R. konori var. phaeopeplum x R. viriosum) X R. konori
Pure white plus fragrant. Fascinating flower form derived from R. konori var. phaeopeplum and not one bit of red from R. viriosum.
Pennywhistle Pennywhistle R. macgregoriae x R. bagobonum
The same parentage as Lucie Sorenson, with wider lanceolate leaves but noticably larger vivid orange bell flowers. A small shrub to 3 ft (1m).
PeriwinklePeriwinkle R. bagobonum X R. rubineiflorum
Very dense growth habit. Forms the most wonderful tightly mounded tuft of leaves with orange flowers poking above the surface. One of our Windowsill Vireyas™
Pink Jazz Pink Jazz R. konori X (R. aurigeranum X (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x R. leucogigas))
Sensational large, dark purple-black foliage and large, striking strong red-pink flowers shading into nearly white with the throat light yellow-green. Very impressive plant.
Pink MistPink Mist Unknown
A pale cream throat with the lobes touched by pale pink halo. A serene color combination.
Pink Ray Pink Ray Unknown
Medium size bush and flowers, the latter in an appealing soft pink becoming more pale in the throat. Slightly fragrant.
Pink SwanPink Swan Gardenia Odyssey X R. orbiculatum
Large, rich pink flowers with a darker pink throat and a strong fragrance grace this upright, more open growing vireya. Place this one where you will walk by it in flower.
Plum PuddingPlum Pudding Unknown
Strongly pink flowers on what is probably a lower growing plant. Some shade is helpful during the midday.
Popcorn Popcorn R. macgregoriae X R. loranthiflorum
Nicely-branching to 5 ft. 10-14 white tubular-shaped blossoms per truss, leaves are ovate, bright green new foliage. Blooms often during the year, very reliable. Proven Performer.
Pretty LadyPretty Lady R. christi X ((R. aurigeranum x R. zoelleri) X (R. laetum x R. zoelleri))
We really like this one - look at all the pictures! The soft intensity of this mostly red-orange flower sets this variety apart from others, probably from its R. christi parentage (note sharp-tipped leaves and compare color with Sandy Mitchell for a similar red).
Princess Alexandra Princess Alexandra R. jasminiflorum X Princess Royal
One of the oldest (1865) Veitch hybrids. Compact, bushy growth habit. Flowers are waxy white with faint blush. Profuse bloomer, shrub is often covered with trusses at frequent intervals.
Queensland Queensland (R. konori var. phaeopeplum x R. viriosum) X R. leucogigas
Dark maroon leaves with rich pink flowers on a sturdy, somewhat spreading plant. Very fragrant, likes some shade.