Vireya Catalog L-M
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Lake HabbemaLake Habbema R. gardenia X ((R. konori var. phaeopeplum x R. viriosum) x R. zoelleri)
Fascinating dark green, almost blackish, scaly foliage framing ivory white, fragrant flowers. Said to be pink under some conditions but we have only seen white with a bit of pink blush.
LarissaLarissa Cameo Spice X Rob's Favorite
Low, spreading habit with rounded leaves. Trusses have beautifully pure, clear pink flowers.
Lemon LovelyLemon Lovely R. retivenium X Oriana
Solid, dense butter yellow flowers. Probably will grow to a medium-sized shrub.
Leonore FrancisLeonore Francis (R. macgregoriae x R. aurigeranum) X Dr. Hermann Sleumer
Vivid cherry red flower with a cream throat. About eighteen inches tall after a year in the garden. Definitely a stop and look twice flower!
Liberty BarLiberty Bar R. viriosum X R. aurigeranum
Intense red-orange corolla with a small strong yellow center.
Little Bo PeepLittle Bo Peep R. macgregoriae X R. anagalliflorum
Small leaves, many, many clusters of small white bells with a pinkish throat. Very similar to Silver Thimbles but more upright and compact in form and probably more floriforus. Almost covered in trusses in our stock beds.
Little GingerLittle Ginger R. stenophyllum X unknown
Varicolored flowers, often starting yellow and ending a dark orange. Similar to Lucie Sorenson showing its R. stenophyllum heritage in its narrow leaves.
Little MariaLittle Maria R. viriosum X St. Valentine
Open, rounded bush to 3 ft. Charming bell shaped, deep red blossoms with 3-4 flowers per truss. Spreading growth habit well suited for baskets or as a choice shrub. Openness emphasizes the hanging red flowers giving an impression of a decorated tree. Often flowers 2-3 or more times per year.
Little PinkieLittle Pinkie (R. viriosum x R. macgregoriae) X R. loranthiflorum
Wonderful ball-shaped truss of many flowers of a rich purplish-pink color. Grows as a small, dense shrub.
Littlest AngelLittlest Angel R. viriosum x R. pauciflorum
A compact, low growing bearer of vivid red campanulate flowers.
LomacLomac R. viriosum X R. macgregoriae
Another compact, low growing bearer of vivid red flowers with a well-branched and attractive low-growing form.
Love Me TrueLove Me True R. konori X unknown
Pure white corolla, faintly pink on the outside, fragrant and large flower, clearly favoring its R. konori parent.
Lucie Sorenson Lucie Sorenson R. macgregoriae X R. bagobonum
Tubular funnel-shaped orange flowers, 5-6 in a truss. Narrow but smaller elliptic leaves that complement the flowers beautifully.
LuluLulu Unknown
Nice, compact growth habit. Trusses are composed of soft orange flowers with a throat of rich yellow. Unlike some of the hot colors, Lulu has a relaxing color combination. Very heavy and frequent bloomer.
Lyon KingLyon King R. zoelleri X unknown
Another of a small group of exuberant large-flowered R. zoelleri hybrids. See the bicolors in our starter list here. Originally hybridized at Lyon Arboretum in Honolulu years ago but, according to story, records were lost and details of its origins unknown. Also known as L000.4
Mae WestMae West probably R. konori
Large, fragrant flowers of a rich, distinct pink with a small but intense yellow center. Large, dark green leaves on what looks to become a large plant. Branches well. One of earliest varieties from Neil Puddey in Australia.
MaileMaile (R. leucogigas x R. laetum) X R. javanicum
Large, rich orange flowers and rich coppery new growth make this larger plant a garden star. Hybridized by Mitch Mitchell of Volcano.
Maneau RaManeau Ra R. konori X R. christianae
Another example of the power of R. konori to produce large, striking and fragrant flowers. A wonderful combination of rich pink edge blushing to pale pink, ending with a strong yellow throat.
Marshall Pierce MadisonMarshall Pierce Madison (Triumphans x R. javanicum) X R. leucogigas
Strong growing shrub with an upright grown habit. Will be a large shrub or small tree. Trusses are spectacular and domed with large, strong pink flowers and ruffled edges. Spicy frangrance!
Meadow YellowMeadow Yellow R. laetum X Gardenia Odyssey
Growth habit upright yet well branched. A dense trusss of 11-12 flowers in a glowing yellow.
Miss MuffetMiss Muffet Unknown
Striking small, cherry pink flowers on a diminuative plant.
MoonwoodMoonwood R. konori X (Pink Delight x R. jasminiflorum)
About as wide as high with dark green leaves complemented by a heavy coating of brown scales on the new growth. Ivory tubular flared flowers with a bit of yellow in the throat. Very fragrant. Grows slowly for us, about a foot and a half height after a year.
Mount Pire Mount Pire R. laetum x R. javanicum
Tall, with an open growth habit. Intense orange flowers of medium size in a compact truss.