Vireya Catalog H-K
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Haloed GoldHaloed Gold R. christianae X Tropic Glow
Yellow flower, with narrow, picoteed orange and ruffled edge, very distinctive. Strong upright habit with glossy foliage. Sun-tolerant.
Hansa Bay Hansa Bay R.laetum x R.zoelleri 'Golden Gate'
A beautiful example of the red-orange bicolor with the rich yellow center often found in R. zoelleri hybrids. Good sized 2.5 in (6 cm) flowers, 5-6 to a truss. Open, upright form.
harlequinHarlequin (R. laetum x R. zoelleri) X (R. konori x R. zoelleri)
The R. zoelleri characteristics predominated in this complex cross. Broad, strong orange halo, redder at the margins of the lobes, surrounds a yellow throat.
Harry Wu Harry Wu R. zoelleri X R. leucogigas
Vigorous, upright growth with upward pointing large leaves. Trusses are flat with 6 very large flowers per truss. Flowers are red in the bud, but open to yellowish-pink tubes outside and in, with yellow/apricot halo. Grows to 8' in 5 years. Vireya of the year 2002 and an ARS Proven Performer
HF0555A HF 055A Shasta X (R. letum x R. macgregoriae)
A fascinating hybrid that presents a blending or patterning of orange and yellow down the lobes, rather than harder-edged banding, progressing to a deep yellow throat.
Highland Arabesque Highland Arabesque R. orbiculatum x (R. laetum x R. aurigeranum)
A solid pink on the reddish side with a light sheen to the flowers and a rounded leaf from its R. orbiculatum parent. Upright and open framed. Better in some shade.
Highland Peace Highland Peace Gardenia Odyssey X R. laetum
A fresh, straw yellow color on a with larger, fragrant flowers in a well held truss.
Highland White Jade Highland White Jade (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x R. herzogii) X (R. laetum x R. aurigeranum)
The trumpet-shaped flowers are a pure white inside and greenish-yellow on the outside, held semi-erectly. Not much information now on growth habit.
Hilo Rainbow Hilo Rainbow 
A lighter, perhaps more relaxing version of the red-yellow bicolor. Not as banded appearing as many of the bicolors, much of the interior flower lobes is orange with a sunny yellow center.
Hoku Ula Hoku Ula (R. hellwigii x Ne Plus Ultra) X R. aurigeranum hybrid
A broad halo of peachy, reddish-orange shades into a greenish-yellow throat. A hybrid from Mitch Mitchell.
Honey StarHoney Star Star Posy X Unknown
Light orange-yellow flowers and a good bloomer. Not an easily predictable color emerging from Star Posy!
Hugh RedgroveHugh Redgrove R. viriosum X Unknown
More red than R. viriosum. Watching to see how the habit develops.
Humbolata BayHumbolata Bay Sir George Holford X R. leucogigas
Large flowers on what will become a large plant. Well filled trusses of an unusual blend of yellow-pink and orange-pink.
Iced Primrose Iced Primrose R. aurigeranum X R. leucogigas
Large, pale yellow lobes merging into a pale pink center. Fragrant.
Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Unknown
Upright grower with rounded, glossy leaves. Trusses are comprised of small, pure white flowers with a charming hint of pink in the throat framing the slightly protruding pink stamens.
Java RoseJava Rose Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
Medium growth habit with dark, glossy leaves. Flowers are distinctively double and vibrant red, 8-10 per truss.
JeanheeJeanhee Felinda X R. javanicum
Another unusual red shade said to be a dark pink mixed with a little yellow. Likely to be a medium sized shrub. A Bill Moynier hybrid.
Jenna SoojeanJenna Soojean (R. aurigeranum x R. brookeanum) X Taylori
Upright tall shrub with narrow with pointed leaves. Flowers are white in a dainty funnel shape with a candy pink halo. Truss is domed, with 10-14 flowers per truss.
Jock's CairnJock's Cairn R. brookeanum X R. javanicum (?)
Medium growth habit, with elliptic concave leaves. Foliage is very nice and can intensely bronze in more sun. Flowers are a strong orange on the lobes, with a small, deep pink throat. Truss is nicely domed, with 10-14 tubular funnel-shaped flowers per truss. Form is compact and dense. R. brookeanum is now considered a subspecies of R. javanicum. ARS Vireya of the year 2004.
John West John West Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
Large, bright, medium-orange flowers with a subtle pale yellow star in the center. Will be a larger plant.
Just Peachy Just Peachy Haloed Gold X R. herzogii
A pleasing light peach shade with subtle markings of darker pink on a medium-sized plant.
Kamrau Bay Kamrau Bay (R. laetum x R. zoelleri) X (R. laetum x R. zoelleri)
Somewhat more upright and open habit with a strong orange flower with a small yellow throat. Its dramatic red stems give it a festive look even when not in bloom. Flowers 3-4 times a year with good sized 2.5 in. (6cm) flowers, 5-6 to a truss.
Kia's WhiteKia's White Unknown
Probably a local name, very similar to Ivory Coast.
KiandraKiandra R. zoelleri Island Sunset X R. javanicum ssp. brookeanum
A sometimes awkward growth habit, but strong and bushy if well pinched. Flowers are a head-turning, glowing red-orange, tubular funnel-shaped. Truss has 7-14 flowers. Distinct drooping leaves with a prominent tan reverse side show off the trusses. Strong, dramatic bloomer.
Kisses Kisses Tropic Glow X (R. viriosum x R. macgregoriae)
Branching habit, nicely-shaped shrub. 4-7 flowers per truss. A most cheerful broad pink halo lights up the flowers. The outside flower tube is yellow with a hint of green both inside and out. The leaves are medium green contrasting with the copper new growth. Grows to about 3 feet in 5 years. An ARS Proven Performer
Kurt Herbert Adler Kurt Herbert Adler R. konori var. phaeopeplum X R. viriosum
Deep rose-pink flowers, 5-8 per truss. Fragrant. Very nice dark green, rounded large leaves. Not a tall grower, with medium spreading growth. Proven Performer