Vireya Catalog D-G
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Dawn Chorus Dawn Chorus Tropic Glow X (R. macgregoriae x R. viriosum)
Upright bushy habit, glossy leaves. Flowers are medium-size, apricot shading through light pink into cream in the throat. Very similar flower to Kisses but perhaps a more upright form.
Doris Mossman Doris Mossman (R. zoelleri x R. macgregoriae) x R. stenophyllum
Unlike many of the zoelleri hybrids, the leaves and flowers follow R. stenophyllum's narrow, pine-needle leaves and and improves on its orange bell flowers with a waxier, glowing coloration. Flowering profusely at frequent intervals make this a highly noticed plant. To 6' in 5 years.
Dr. Herman SleumerDr. Herman Sleumer R. konori var. phaeopeplum X R. zoelleri
Large, bright pink flower lobes shading to nearly white before changing to greenish-yellow deep in the throat. Fragrant. Grown from seed collected by Dr. Sleumer.
Dr. Herman Sleumer x H018 X R. leucogigas x R. macgregoriaeDr. Herman Sleumer x H018 X R. leucogigas x R. macgregoriae Dr. Herman Sleumer x H018 X R. leucogigas x R. macgregoriae
New unnamed hybrid with intense red lobes shading to a small medium yellow throat. The flower form shows some of its leucogigas ancestry.
Dresden DollDresden Doll R. intranervatum X Pink Delight
Large shrub with distinctively veined foliage and a sherbet-colored truss. Leaves are rimmed in red. Sun will yield added color to the leaves.
EmmanuelEmmanual (R. zoelleri x R. javanicum) X Dr.Hermann Sleumer
Nice bright red flowers on an upright, well-branching shrub. Leaves are pointed at ends. Blooms 3-4 times per year.
EnnyEnny Unknown
New release of a vireya named after an ARS Hawai'i chapter member. Narrow, upright growth with strong yellow flowers. Will likely be smaller in size than many of the solid yellow varieties.
Esprit de JoieEsprit-de-Joie R. konori X R. laetum
Large flowers with strong pink lobes, creamy in the throat and yellow outside the tube in a outward facing truss of tubular funnel flowers. Six feet in five years. A vigorous and tall shrub with nice dark foliage. Very fragrant.
EvitaEvita [(R. aurigeranum x Dr.Hermann Sleumer) x R. konori] X [(R.macgregoriae x R.aurigeranum) x Dr.Hermann Sleumer)]
Bright rose pink flowers in a domed-shaped truss. Upright growth with medium height. Distinctive foliage.
Fairy DancerFairy Dancer x R. macgregoriae X R. rubiniflorum
Small, widely funnel-shaped, moderately orange flowers, 3-5 per truss. Dense habit. Like many of the very small-leaved varieties, blooms early and heavily. One of our Windowsill Vireyas™
FelcitasFelcitas Nancy Miller Adler X R. konori
Medium-large, pure white flowers with a pinkish cast on the outside which lights up the throat as pink. Like many white vireyas, it is quite fragrant. A spreading and lower growing habit.
Finnegan's RainbowFinnegan's Rainbow R. laetum X R. zoelleri
Broad, strong red halo defining a strong yellow, well defined star in the flower throat. Very striking combination of shades, not your average bicolor. Habit appears to be somewhat taller than broad.
FireplumFireplum (R. phaeopeplum x R. viriosum) X R. zoelleri
Compact and bushy growth habit. Trusses are composed of rich red flowers of a unique and intense shade, with a small but strong yellow in the throat. Low growing habit displaying dark green leaves with dark red highlights.
First Light First Light Pink Delight X R. jasminiflorum
Nice compact growth habit. Trusses are composed of small clear pink flowers with a ruffled edge. Lightly fragrant. Very good repeat bloomer. Similar to Star Posy.
Flamenco DancerFlamenco Dancer R. aurigeranum X R. macgregoriae
Growth habit upright yet bushy. Flowers are small, 5-lobed, bright yellow-orange that darkens with age. Truss has 18-22 flowers, with a domed shape. We have observed some unusual variable flower color (see pictures). Blooms at a young age.
Frosted CandyFrosted Candy R. konori X (R. aurigeranum x (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x R. leucogigas))
Mostly bright candy pink contrasts with white toward the center and outside the flower. A striking flower, but one of its best qualities is the thick, dark brown sueded scales on the new growth.
Gardenia Channon Gardenia Channon Unknown
Not much known about this one. Possibly a Brian Clancy (Australia) hybrid. A strong yellow throat blends into a light orange flush. Similar to Cherry Liquer. Will likely be a large plant.
Gardenia Odyssey Gardenia Odyssey Unknown
Beautiful large, pale orange-yellow, wavy-edged lobes with a yellow-pink throat. Pleasantly fragrant. Will likely be a larger plant over the years.
George Budgen George Budgen R. laetum X R. zoelleri
Strong yellow at the center of the funnel-shaped flowers darkens and merges into a strong marigold orange halo. Named after the original owner of the famous Berkeley Horticultural Nursery.
Gilded SunriseGilded Sunrise R. aurigeranum X R. laetum
Vigorous upright bush with elliptic leaves. Free-flowering, sun-loving, large lemon yellow flowers with the faintest hint of an apricot halo with more sun. Flowers are funnel-shaped and 6-8 to the truss.
Glenn SaharaGlenn Sahara (R. zoelleri x R. leucogigas) X Dr.Herman Sleumer
Medium large flowers with a deep yellow-pink margin shading to deep yellow in the throat. Hybridized and named by Mitch Mitchell of Volcano.
Golden CharmGolden Charm R. macgregoriae X Princess Alexandra
Compact bushy growth with bronze new growth and red stems. Possibly the most glossy leaves of any variety, becoming dark bronzy green in more sun. Flowers are medium-sized, apricot and gold in large, full trusses of an amazing 20-23 flowers.
Golden ChimesGolden Chimes R. laetum hybrid X R. macgregoriae
Strong yellow, funnel-shaped flower on a variety that is relatively new to us. Probably a medium-sized vireya.
Harry Wu Gossamer White R. loranthiflorum X R. laetum
The outer corolla is a pure, solid white with a pale yellow at the base of the outer tube that shines through in the sun. Floriforus, compact plant with somewhat glossy leaves.
Great ScentsationGreat Scentsation R. konori X R. viriosum
Large, bushy spreading growth habit. Flowers are large, a very deep and rich pink and have a heady fragrance. New growth has a light dusting of brown scales with a truss of 5-8 flowers. A dramatic and beautiful bloomer.
Gwenevere Gwenevere R. jasminiflorum X unknown
Lower growing, almost mounding form. Smaller white trumpet-shaped flowers with interesting dark anthers in the throat. Fragrant and likes some shade.