Vireya Catalog B-C
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Baram Bay  Baram Bay (R. konori x R. laetum) X R. javanicum ssp brookeanum Mandarin
Strong grower, best in some shade. Medium to tall habit. Leaves have red petioles, mid-rib and narrow red border. Large, deep red buds. Truss has 8-10 very bright red flowers similar in shape but larger than Ne Plus Ultra (both sharing R. javanicum ssp. brookeanum). Very distinctive plant.
Belinda Chang  Belinda Chang Highland Arabesque X Wattle Bird
Vigorous shrub to 6'. Trusses are compact with bright hot pink flowers. Frequent bloomer.
Belisar  Belisar (R.laetum x R.zoelleri) X (R.macgregoriae x R.zoelleri)
Upright growth habit, to 6 ft. in height after 5 years. Trusses have 5-7, 1.5 in (4 cm) funnel-shaped flowers, with intensely red-orange lobes and a very bright yellow throat. The outside of the funnel is a strongly contrasting greenish-yellow.
Berillion  Berillion Bold Janus x R. baenitzianum
Large apricot-yellow flowers with faint red edging. Upright growth.
Bernadette Bernadette R. loranthiflorum x R. konori
Slow growing with compact habit. Flowers are intensely fragrant, two-toned pink in sun, white in shade. fluted and ruffled, 6-8 flowers per truss.
Birat's Red Birat's Red R.zoelleri aff. x R.zoelleri aff.
Rich red flower, often described as luminous, on an upright plant. Foliage gets very dark red with more sun. Grows to about 7 ft in 5 years (our most vigorous grower so far) and almost as wide. From a seedling collected in the wild by Rev. Cruttwell, around 1974 in Papua New Guinea and considered an affinity of R. zoelleri but quite distinct from the species.
Blondie Blondie Simbu Sunset X Buttermilk
Similar to Alexa but from a deep yellow throat shades to the palest yellow on the lobes. Slightly larger flower size.
Blushed Spice Blushed Spice Haloed Gold X R. herzogii
Larger white flowers with a clear pink blush around the edge and yellow on the outer tube.
Bob's Choice  Bob's Choice (R. konori var.phaeopeplum x R. viriosum) x R. zoelleri
Eye-catching strong pink flowers with a contrasting yellow throat on a branching, bushy plant.
Bob's Crowning Glory  Bob's Crowning Glory R. viriosum X R. leucogigas Hunstein's Secret
Strong purplish-pink (from viriosum) flowers and fragrant (from leucogigas) on a branching, bushy plant. Will probably stay lower growing, but we're watching it after recently planting it out.
Bold Janus Bold Janus R. leucogigas X R. laetum
Likely to be a large shrub. Flowers are a strong yellow with a distinct reddish-pink halo. Perhaps comparable to Harry Wu, another leucogigas hybrid.
Brightly  Brightly Tropic Glow X (R. viriosum x R. macgregoriae)
Relatively new to us with a few on hand. Dutch vermillion color. Deep purple-red petiole. Probably lower growing.
Cair Paravel Cair Paravel (Triumphans x R. javanicum) X R. leucogigas
Like Anacapa, an unusual strong red on a large shrub. This one really prefers more shade.
Calavar Calavar R. konori x R. zoelleri
Medium-sized shrub with compact growth habit. Flowers are a rich pink, with a creamy yellow throat. Outside of the tube is yellow with a hint of green. 5 to 7 flowers per truss and quite fragrant. Vireya of the year for 2003.
Cair Paravel Calavar X R. goodenoughii Calavar X R. goodenoughii
A wonderful hybrid we received from Mitch Mitchell. Calavar gives its strong pink color to the lobes of the long tube flowers of R. goodenoughii.
Cameo Spice Cameo Spice R. laetum X R. konori
Vigorous shrub with open growth habit. Trusses are large with fragrant flowers that range from blush yellow to apricot. RC, Az6
Candy Halo Candy Halo R. aurigeranum X (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x R. leucogigas)
Great color break with a bright, halo of pink framing a center white star and yellow deep in the throat. Large flowers. Vigorous shrub with a branching habit and beautiful glossy leaves.
Cape Cod Valentine Cape Cod Valentine Saint Valentine X Saint Valentine
Dense spreading growth habit, with small leaves and bright red bells, 3-5 per truss. Blooms 3-4 times per year. One of the best for a low-growing shrub. Perhaps a better plant than the parent. A hybrid by Dick Chaikin.
Captain Scarlet Captain Scarlet Salmon Sensation X R. javanicum
An early hybrid from New Zealand. Larger 2.5" (6cm) flowers glow in a rich pumpkin orange. Trusses can be 7" (18cm) across with a dozen or more flowers in each. So far a lower grower for us.
Cara Mia Cara Mia Simbu Sunset X (R. aurigeranum x Dr. Hermann Sleumer)
Medium sized shrub with upright grown habit. Foliage is very nice. Trusses are spectacular with large flowers that are creamy yellow in the tube with a pink edge. Really an eye-catcher!
Cerise Cerise (R. javanicum x R. konori) X R. javanicum
Deep red lobes with a small but intense yellow throat on a medium size flower creates a contrast visible from a long distance. Good branching and floriferous.
Chambrie Lake Chambrie Lake 
Salmon pink and yellow flowers, moderate size and well branched. New growth covered with fawn indumentum. 1.5 in (3 cm) flowers, 5 in a truss.
Charming Valentino Charming Valentino St. Valentine X St. Valentine
Bushy shrub to 3 ft. Deep red, bell shaped flowers with 3-4 blossoms per truss. Excellent spreading growth habit well suited for baskets or a low shrub. One of the best for lining a path.
Chayya Chayya Pink Delight X R. intranervatum F2
Strong pink flower shading to a pale orange-yellow in the center.
Cherry Liqueur Cherry Liqueur R. konori hybrid X Dr. Hermann Sleumer?
A creamy/golden throat blends into a flush of mild cherry red. Fragrant. An excellent flower, but a loose open habit with some height, so placed at the back of a bed would suit it well.
Chiffon Halo Chiffon Halo R. aurigeranum X (Dr. Hermann Sleumer x R. leucogigas)
Striking large, clear pink flower with a pale, near white "star" in the throat, in the style of R. zoelleri.
Cinnamon PinkCinnamon Pink Unknown parentage
Tall and open growth habit, with glossy flat leaves. New growth shows silvery scales. Flowers are a dainty yellow-orange inside, and light yellow outside in a truss of 8-12 large flowers. Delightfully fragrant. An easy grower and frequent flowerer.
Clorinda Clorinda Jasminiflorum Carminatum x Minerva
Medium sized strong pink flower on a more rounded and bushy plant. Has been good in the sun.
Coral Flare Coral Flare R. viriosum X R. laetum
Intense coral color on medium sized flowers. Develops into a well-branched 4' (1.2m) plant in five years.
Coral SeasCoral Seas Pink Delight X Simbu Sunset
Truss is composed of deep coral-pink flowers which have creamy-yellow interiors. Shrub is medium and bushy. Frequent and young bloomer. RC
Cristo ReyCristo Rey (R. macgregoriae x R. zoelleri) X (R. laetum x R. zoelleri)
Impressive variety of the zoelleri hybrid type. Large, bicolored flowers on a branching shrub. Vivid orange shading to a brilliant yellow in the flower throat. Grows about as high as wide, five feet (1.5m) in five years. Similar to Simbu Sunset.
CyrilCyril R. leucogigas X (R. konori x R. laetum)
Spectacular shrub with wonderful trusses. Shrub is slow growing, but will ultimately be tall. Truss is composed of huge 4" flowers of creamy-yellow with a pale pink edge and a yellow throat. Rich, spicy fragrance! Note the differences in flower color between the greenhouse plants (more of a white flower) and the outdoor plants (pink edge is distinct and pink outer corolla) that get more sun.